Soul Core

Arcade - Free

Embark on a journey inside the hauntingly beautiful Vault of Seasons, filled with perils and untold secrets, to reach the Great Archives.

  • • Experience intense bullet-hell gameplay with intricate projectile patterns and powerful enemies.
  • • Choose from three game modes: Campaign, Arcade, and Boss Rush, each offering unique challenges.
  • • Customize your character's abilities with deep skill trees, creating diverse play styles to suit your preferences.

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Step into the desolate realm of the Isle of Solitude as a lost wisp. With the guidance of Augustus the Revenant through the Vault of Seasons, witness the awakening of a story once lost as it defies its very own fate. Soul Core invites you to an Arcade-Adventure experience with a touch of Bullet Hell. The Vault of Seasons contains several domains built to ward off any trespassers who wish to seek an audience with the Codex. Traverse through the seasons — where echoes of deafening pasts linger in the air and enigmatic dangers lie concealed amidst the shadows — and pray you’d find the Codex in the labyrinth of the Great Archives.

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